Young Flame of Peace

Young Flame of Peace” offers young people great opportunities to participate in international peace activities and also to actively shape them. In doing so, they get to know other cultures and can make friends. In this way, a network of young ambassadors of peace is created, which carries the transnational requirements for peace, tolerance and understanding. You can support this youth project in many ways – with words, thoughts and deeds – because it is a basis for transcultural friendship and thus for our common peaceful future!

The “Young Flame of Peace” project connects young people and overcomes borders between nations, religions and cultures. Through a variety of activities, children and young people have the opportunity to get to know each other, to treat each other with respect and to form friendships across national or cultural borders.

Education – Encounter – Participation

Committed educational institutions are awarded the Flame of Peace – become visible as role models for successful coexistence – and inspire others to engage in their own peace activities. The opportunities to participate in the project are as diverse as the people involved, who form this network of and for young ambassadors of peace and friendship