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Verein zur FΓΆrderung des Friedens

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Thank you for the beautiful painting for FoP

Commemoration at the FoP Peace Monument in Sappada, Italy

Inclusion Event supports LΓΆwenherz Children’s Hospice

Open Day at the Liechtensteiner Barracks

International Meeting in Sibiu, Romania

Wreath Laying at the FoP Peace Memorial in Stadl Paura, Upper Austria

Peace Monument unveiling in Stadl Paura

FoP for support during the Marc Aurel March

Reconnaissance meeting with lecture “The Ukraine War”

Awards to the Italian Delegation of FoP

Where friendship unites people, there is peace.

Herta Margarethe Habsburg-Lothringen

Founder and President of the Association for the Promotion of Peace

The association is a non-profit and non-partisan, as well as religion-independent association for the purpose of promoting and honoring peacemaking measures and people who make a contribution to peace in the world. It serves the expansion of the information network and the exchange of conflict resolution and peacemaking ideas.

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Many thanks to Luigi from the Italian Alpinis in Sappada for the beautiful painting for Flame of Peace.


Commemoration at the FlameofPeace Peace Monument in Sappada / Friuli / Italy, at 1.830m on Monte Peralba, where the Piave River originates. A place rich in history and significance.


FlameofPeace Lower Saxony / Germany

Our delegate from Flame of Peace, Bernd Höhle, organized and was the initiator of the “Inclusion with Heart” initiative with Lothar Kniebel – Head of the Martial Arts Group e. V. Wolfenbüttel.


A delegation from FlameofPeace visited the barracks.

Thank you to the Austrian Armed Forces for their ongoing support for charitable causes and for protecting Austria. 🇦🇹


Flame of Peace Austria / Romania

Flame of Peace was represented by our Ambassador and Delegate Abdallah Sharief.


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International 'Flame of Peace' Award

The ‘Flame of Peace’ has been awarded since 2000 by the “Association for the Promotion of Peace” to individuals or groups who have rendered outstanding services to peace in the world.

The "Flamme of Peace" is both a reminder and a reminder to always think, speak and act in the spirit of peace.

The ‘Flame of Peace’ as a memorial for peace has already been erected in many countries


With the “Flame of Peace” as an external sign, courage and strength is donated for the responsible task that each person has taken on. To carry out one’s activity with peace and joy, to radiate security and reliability, to show constancy in all matters – this is what the flame is meant to remind us of every day.


Since its foundation, the organization “Flame of Peace” participates and promotes many international projects.


International humanitarian aid projects


Projects for the promotion of culture, integration & communities of peoples.


Projects for the protection of our environment, animals and nature


Fundraisers for social institutions and people in need.

The Flame of Peace is the outward sign of the Ambassadors of Peace who share the common goal of conflict resolution and peacemaking ideas.

With volunteers, partners and many other helping hands, we support humanitarian aid efforts wherever people are in need.
We deliver urgently needed relief items such as food, medical products and clothing to people in need.

We thank our partners, supporters & sponsors…

Kammeradschaftsbund Hollabrunn

Bolfras Kaserne Mistelbach

Grand Hotel Wien

United Nations Global Compact

Privatklinik Goldenes Kreuz

Imperial Cosmetics

Ich bin O.K.

IMCC Businessclub

Privates Kaiser Franz Josef Museum | Wienings


Stella Women Around The World

success way Unternehmensberatung

Weingut Habsburg

The Best of The World Network

Universal Peace Federation

#amazing Internetagentur

Gundula Christa Ledl, Dipl. PΓ€d.

Crystal Light Art

Be Water




…as well as all helping hands and volunteers who work together with
“Flame of Peace” on projects or support them.

Flame of Peace – Donation account

Verein zur FΓΆrderung des Friedens

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“Flame of Peace” – The Association for the Promotion of Peace is recognized as a non-profit organization.

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